Structured HOMogeneity Watcher

download the pdf version of the documentation

download the C++ SHOW source code, easy to compile under UNIX/LINUX environments.

SHOW comes with bactgeneSHOW a fully featured bacterial gene prediction software. It includes a fully unsupervised training in Maximum-Likelihood framework and scores the predictions according to the underlying HMM. This program served to predict the CDSs in several published genomes including Lactobacillus sakei (Chaillou et al., Nat. Biotech. 2005) and L. bulgaricus (van de Guchte et al., PNAS 2006). It is also included in AGMIAL annotation chain (Bryson et al., NAR 2006) and was used by in a screen for short CDSs within the genus Streptococcus (Ibrahim et al. 2007).